Tuesday, December 29, 2009

whats family without fights???

my family and a friend went on a road trip in July. We decided to go to the Mashpee Wampanoag Pow-Wow in Mashpee Wampanoag indians. it was a 3 day road trip.it awas also HELL....... If the kids werent sleeping they were fighting, if mom wasnt nagging she was texting. Paula just sat bac and enjoyed scenery most of the way she also had to hear us all complain(poor thing) Tim drove most of the way. i stayed awake for 2 days stright. man it was horrible. and we didnt stop at a hotel we just kept driving and driving, oh and did i mention driving. it was kinda weird too because while we were on that trip i realized that our family fights,...ALOT and we are extremely disfunctional, but that is what makes being a member of the "Clan" (as the grown-ups call it,) interesting. there are groups us kids hang out in, like the litluns all chill together, the teen girls hang out, ect. but we cannot go through one single day without fighting.... we know we arent a perfect family and that is what makes us all very special...we are not great but we are a family and that is what makes us "US". i love my family and no 1 will ever change that...EVER that road trip seems like it tore some of us away from eachother but acctullay it brought us closer together..........

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