Saturday, April 24, 2010


so i started writin poetry and i thought i mite share it with the world so here is a poem i wrote called poisin for my ex-bf

your love is poisin, slowly you slip it into my drink
and day by day the dose is fatal
...yet it is addicting and full of this dangerous energy
your kiss poisins me like lead, and you do kill me surely with your gentle touch
on the other side of the looking glass it does'nt seem as though the hurt is much ut it is
its sad that i write this down word by word cuz it stabs me like knives
the poisin has no inhabited every vein in my frail body, im so blind now, but love is pain and pain is love...wait in the end what is really gained in this dangerous game?
someday things will be the same, puppy-love-like again but until then i have to say goodbye because now we both know its the end

<3 sarah

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